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Back-to-One Acting Studio – General support for classes, coaching, headshots, and other programs that support our mission.

Scholarships – The cost for training can be difficult for some. We want all artists to be able to benefit from the professional services we offer to grow their craft. This donation will support financially challenged artists to enroll in a class or get the professional coaching they need to be successful in this industry.

Back-to-One Productions – Our goal is to allow actors to participate in in-house productions utilizing all the skills they have learned from classes and coaching. This donation will support all ongoing projects that are written by our creative film group and writing class students that plan to go into production.

Workshops – Learning from current working actors is an invaluable experience. We offer monthly workshops that are open to the community who are interested in growing as artists. This donation will support the effort to invite working actors, writers, directors, and producers in the film industry to share their experiences.