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Interview with Ian at Raleigh Film & Art Festival

Oct 17, 2022 | Film Spotlight, Newsletter

On Saturday October 8, 2022 Back-to-One actors and alumni celebrated the premiere of Interview with Ian, written and directed by Janice Lauren Baker at the Raleigh Film & Art Festival in Raleigh, NC. Interview with Ian was as an official selection in the best shorts category along with 65 other short films and it won Best Short Film as well as Best Trailer in the festival’s two day event!

Interview With Ian is Janice Lauren Baker’s directorial debut and stars Bact-to-One alumni Trevor Cothren as Ian, the deluded protagonist who believes his exploits have garnered him fame, attention and an interview with celebrity investigative journalist, Kelly Merrick. However, as the interview progresses and Merrick begins asking difficult questions, Ian’s fantasy of heroism is stripped away to reveal the disturbing truth about his actions. This revelation is disclosed to the viewer through subtle and well placed imagery that seem to hint at Ian’s self-deception. The jingling of chains, a badge and a misplaced shoe all seem to unravel the corporeality of Ian’s situation, all of which point to the disturbing fact that he is not at all who he believes himself to be. Ian is a great example of how narcissim and grandiouse beliefs of self are extremes that tend to be wrought within today’s era of social media. With it’s emphasis on war, personal accountability, and societal perceptions, Ian could be considered a microcosm of society which is perhaps why the short received the award for Best Trailer and Best Short Film in the festival. In addition to the stellar performance by Cothren, Ian also features Back-to-One instructor Gus Allen, and Back-to-One alumni Felicia Dee in supporting roles. Janice Lauren Baker is an alumni with Back-to-One as well as the Back-to-One Creative Film Group director and she opted to film Ian entirely at Back-to-One studios.

Interviw with Ian is a semi-finalist at The Underground Cinema Awards in Dublin, Ireland, a semi-finalist for Best Indie Short, Best Editing, and award winner for Best Detective Film in the Oniros Film Awards in New York, and an Official Selection in the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Find out more about the Raleigh Film & Art Festival 2022 award winners here.

Raleigh Film & Art Festival premiere afterparty of Interview with Ian at Back-to-One.

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